Kinetic 60" the fastest production 60" glider in the world...
A new bright Kinetic 60"...

The 60” Kinetic began it’s record breaking career when Joe Zepeda flew it to 250mph at Parker Mountain on Sept 23, 2006.  It has since set numerous new 60” DS records by going 271mph, 273mph, 296mph, and now 314mph!  All the while, the 60” Kinetic has shown no sign of stress or flutter, only asking for more speed.  It’s current top speed of 314mph puts it ahead of many high quality planes of much larger wingspan.  Despite the low volume of production to date, the 60” Kinetic has already helped more pilots push past 200mph than any other 60” plane.  It’s size and cost make it a great plane for both the pilot who wants to enter the molded DS realm as well as the DS veteran who wants to push the records higher.  It is very easy to fly with no bad habbits.  With the special airfoil from Norbert Habe, it’s even a great frontside performer and would excel as a 60” slope racer.  The one piece wing is exceedingly strong and is equipped with flaps to help slow it down for landing.

Recommended Gear:
Ailerons:   Flush fit:   Hitec 5125MG or JR DS168 or Slight bulge:  JR DS378 or Airtronics 94761z
Flaps: JR DS378 or Airtronics 94761z or Hitec 5125MG or JR DS168
Elevator: HS-5125mg or JR DS168
Battery: 5cell / 6v 2/3A 1600mah NIMH flat pack 
Center of Gravity: 3.1" from Root LE
Trim the 60" Kinetic so that all surfaces are completely flush with surrounding edges. The flaps and ailerons should move down with up elevator (snapflap) by approx 2 degrees at max elevator. For Crow, program 0.19" up Ailerons, 80deg down Flaps, and 0.139" down elevator.  Keep in mind that this will vary with CG…
Control Horn Measurements
                              Hole to Skin Distance
aileron     0.377" Locate hole directly over intersection of wiper and aileron skin
flap 0.377" 0.11" behind hingeline
elevator     0.243" 0.312" behind intersection of wiper and elevator skin
*** Use the innermost hole on the servo arms except for flap where the second hole is necessary to achieve full travel (about 70-80deg)
*** Set flap servo horn almost in line with the pushrod when flaps are not deployed so that they are nearly locked out
*** Set aileron servo horn just forward past vertical so that there is more up aileron travel than down.
Recommended Surface  Deflections
Landing Dynamic Soaring
Up Down Up Down
aileron     .395" .395" .300" .172"
flap   80deg  
elevator     .243" .200" .215" .160"



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Installation Instructions