Kinetic 2MDP the fastest production 2 Meter glider in the world...
Kinetic 2MDP "In The Air"...


Introducing the all new 2m Kinetic DP! It has been designed specifically for high speed DS but with the unique set of airfoils from Dirk Pflug, it will excel in a wide range of conditions and flying styles. Its high aspect ratio wing (just over 17:1) and minimalist fuselage (by DS standards at least) is a very efficient airframe whether you are DSing at 450mph or simply cruising the frontside flying F3F style laps or pulling big halfpipe pumps. As usual, Steven Seim is credited with the CAD work and Thomas Pils with the machine work. Both have poured enormous amounts of time and energy into the effort to make sure that I was happy and that everything was made to exacting standards. Huge thanks guys!

Recommended Gear:
Ailerons:  MKS HV6130 or HBL6625
Flaps: MKS HV6130 or HBL6625
Elevator: MKS HV6130 or HBL6625
Battery: 4cell / 4.8v 2000mah LSD Nimh 2x2 flat pack or 2s Li-ion LG MJ-1 18650 
Center of Gravity: 56mm-58mm from Root LE. Beyond 58mm not recommended

Trim the 2m Kinetic DP so that all surfaces are completely flush with surrounding edges except for the elevator which should be trimmed 0.5mm down for steady glide. Snapflap is not necessary for efficiency but can be used on just the flaps (as much as 3-4deg when ultimate speed is not the goal) to give improved tip stall protection. For Crow, you can use as much as 90deg flaps and no (or minimal) up aileron. You'll need roughly 1mm of down elevator compensation at full flap deployment. Keep in mind that this will vary with CG…
Recomended Surface Deflections:
Landing Dynamic Soaring
Up Down Up Down
aileron span 4-5mm 4-5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm
flap - 70-90deg - -
elevator 2.5mm 3mm 1.7mm 1.7mm